BASF Selectilyteelectrolytes are high-purity customized formulations that are well suited for automotive battery applications. BASF’s electrolyte solutions consist of tailored formulations that can be modified to address customer-specific needs. Additionally, future generation materials are under investigation within the global R&D network. BASF’s unique position, developing electrolyte and cathode materials in parallel, provides an opportunity to supply system solutions in the future.


What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are complex formulations that are essential for the transport of electronic charge inside batteries. High-quality electrolytes are prerequisites for improving the battery performance.

What makes BASF electrolytes unique?

  • - High purity materials
  • - Global R&D and application testing network to address customer specific topics
  • - Ability to provide system solutions
  • - Strong commitment to the development of the LIB market
  • - Decades of experience as a supplier to the automotive industry

What are features and benefits of BASF electrolytes?

  • - Tailored formulations
  • - Reliable sourcing
  • - Production capacity to satisfy developing market

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