Solutions for Power Generation

Should nothing change in the way we use energy, 40% more primary energy will be needed by the year 2030. How will we produce this enormous amount of energy cost efficiently, reliably, and environmentally friendly? BASF solutions can help. We help make our customers more successful and enable cost-efficient and reliable power generation, while meeting environmental regulations.

See CO Catalysts for Power Generation & SCR Catalysts for Power Generation

Emission Control Solutions

Emission Control Solutions

At BASF, we provide our customers with cost-effective solutions to the most complex emissions control problems. We are constantly developing new technologies to meet ever more stringent emission requirements to help our customers to be more successful.

Construction Chemicals

Grout, Concrete Repair and Flooring Solutions

BASF Construction Chemicals offers a full line of grouts for precision alignment of machinery, plus repair mortars and flooring solutions with superior performance for demanding power facility applications.



Wind Power

Wind Power

BASF helps wind turbine manufacturers with next generation coating, resin and adhesive technologies for blades and towers. Our high-performance products and problem-solving expertise run from the "top to bottom" of a wind turbine.


Post-Combustion Carbon Capture (PCC)

BASF has developed an innovative PCC technology for multiple applications particularly carbon capture from power plants. OASE blue was developed from the very beginning specifically as an optimized large-scale PCC technology. It offers low energy consumption, low solvent losses and an exceptionally flexible operating range.


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